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Our rifles are made of the best quality. We have different calibers that are suitable for various types of hunting activities.

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  • .22 LR Cal  Smallbore MP Precision Rifle

    .22 LR Cal – Smallbore MP Precision Rifle


    Characteristics of small-bore ammunition combined with the characteristics of Zastava’s small-bore rifle give the shooter a real pleasure in sports hunting of small game or in sports shooting.
    Extremely high precision, low energy of the bullet – extremely low recoil, low cost of weapon and ammunition make this weapon interesting in the whole world market.
    Almost anyone can find pleasure in shooting: low recoil and precise shots are a pleasant surprise even for inexperienced shooters.
    Factors that give the MP PRECISION exceptional precision and accuracy are:
    o Mauser system rotating bolt,
    o Cold forged barrel,
    o Selection of design chrome-vanadium steel.
    MP stock is made of selected quality walnut.
    MP is a safe weapon; trigger mechamism is blocked with a lever-type safety.
    Metal swivels provide secure fastening of the sling.
    The receiver has threads for the assembly of optical sight mounts (that are provided optionally).
    MP has iron sights.
    Standard finish of metal parts is blueing, while the wooden parts are oiled and polished.

    Caliber (mm) – .22 LR .17HMR
    Capacity (rounds) – 5 + 1
    Weight (kg) – 2.8
    Barrel lenght (mm) – 560
    Total lenght (mm) – 1,040

  • 223 semi automatic zastava

    .223 Cal – M2010 Semiautomatic Sporting Rifle


    Semi-automatic hunting carbine M2010 was created by modifying military rifles. The fact that the base weapon produced in the hundreds of thousands of units, the official weapon of many armies of the world, speaks volumes about the benefits and oravdanosti Get sport hunting variants.
    Kalashnikov system, the most popular functioning principle of semi-automatic and automatic weapons, was applied in Zastava semiautomatic hunting rifles M2010.
    Semi-automatic hunting carbine M2010 features functionality in all terrain and climatic conditions.
    Semi-automatic hunting carbine M2010 has a reliable and safe type of triggering mechanism.
    Semi-automatic hunting carbine M2010 has a polymer stock with good ergonomic solutions and is perfectly balanced, resulting in a little jerk, low weight and very high compactness.
    Cold forging technology is making pipes.
    Single semiautomatic fire is the way in which it can act in this weapon.
    Security system of semi-automatic hunting rifles prevents cycle and fire before it occurred ches.
    Charging M2010 is made of removable, polymer warehouse (frame).
    Front and rear mechanical tombstones: last – overlapping adjustable, front – Music-adjustable.
    Semi-automatic hunting carbine M2010 has a built-in dock optical sight, a kit may contain mounting an optical sight and optical sight.

    Caliber (mm) – .223 Rem
    Capacity (bullets) – 10
    Mass (kg) – 3.9
    Pipe lenght (mm) – 500
    Total lenght (mm) – 1,030

  • 375 ZASTAVA

    .375 H & H


    Mauser Locking System

    Walnut Monte Carlo stock.


  • 375 ZASTAVA

    .458 WIN MAG


    Mauser Locking System

    Walnut Monte Carlo stock.

  • Montana std

    American Standard 243 Win Rifle


    The American Standard Rifle (ASR) is a classic rifle offered in 100% stainless steel barreled actions. ASR-SS is a stainless steel barreled action in a field grade American Black Walnut stock. The ASR line is available in 31 different cartridges and in right or left hand configurations.

    22” Barrel

    Walnut Stock

    Right Hand action.

  • Montana std

    American Standard 30.06 Spring Rifle


    American Standard Rifle

    Long Action

    Right Hand

    Standard Bolt Face

    Stainless Steel Barrel

    1-10 Twist

    #2 Contouring

    24″ Finished Barrel Length

    Boyd’s Prairie Hunter Stock in American Black Walnut with Full Bottom Metal