Nordik Predator Mouth Callers

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    Nordik 3-Pack


    The NORDIK MINI PREDATOR is specially developed to meet the demands of calling predators under Nordic conditions. The call is simple to use and its mouth piece is freeze proof. The call can produce a wide variety of sounds. This call has a smaller sound board and thinner membrane than its big brother Nordik Predator.

    Rodent squeaks

    To imitate mouse and vole squeaks, place the o-ring, your teeth or lips at the outermost part of the membrane and blow with short thrusts in the call.

    Distress calls from rabbit and hare

    These calls are easy to make by placing the o-ring, your teeth or lips in the middle of the mouth piece and blow into the call. The further back on the membrane the coarser the sound. Vary long and short sounds for 15-25 seconds and repeat every 3-4 minutes. Open and close your hand in front of the call’s opening as you blow for a more life like sound.


    The Nordik Crying Bird is specially developed to imitate bird distress sounds. These sounds are very effective to call foxes and other predators with.

    To imitate a woodpecker in distress, blow short and intense thrusts of air or hard trrr, trrr, trrr into the call.

    To make distress sounds of small birds, blow carefully and let the air go back and forth, both in and out through the call.

    If you blow a short steady flow of air through the call you will get a very realistic rabbit distress sound. Call 15-30 seconds and sit quiet for 1-2 minutes and repeat for 15-25 minutes / stand.

    At you can see a video clip with a distressed woodpecker caught in a bird ringing net. This can be used as guidance when practicing with the call.


    We use 2 different whistling sounds.

    Nr 1: Cover the hole on the sound chamber with your index finger and blow “trrr” softly into the call three times (trrr, trrr, trrr), pause for 10 seconds (trrr, trrr, trrr), pause for 10 seconds (trrr, trrr, trrr). Repeat this series of sounds every 5-10 minutes for a 30-40 minute stand.

    Nr. 2: Cover the hole on the sound chamber with your index finger and blow 4 short, soft thrusts of air in close succession, finish with a long thrust of air for 3 seconds where you remove your finger from the hole as you start blowing and let the sound fade out towards the end (ju-ju-ju-ju-jullllliiiiii). Paus for 10 seconds and repeat. Repeat this series of sounds every 5-10 minutes for a 30-40 minute stand.


    The Nordik Plain Pain is a mouth call that is easy to blow, without using your hands. That means that your hands are available to handle your gun in challenging hunting situations.

    The unique membrane design in this game call gives the sounds an extra dimension of pain and agony. By biting on the different sound boards and blowing through both sides of the call, the Nordik Plain Pain can produce virtually all general sounds of anxiety needed for efficiently calling predators.

    The membrane is broader on one side and thinner on the other; this means that you will obtain different tones depending on what side you blow from.

    The side of the membrane facing the exhaust side will also start to oscillate, adding a deeper dimension of anguish.

    When you blow through the broader side of the membrane the sound you create is deeper where as when you blow through the thinner side, you create a lighter painful tone.

    The call has three positions from each side. If you bite on the middle, from either direction, you will obtain a general sound of agony. With every step you move towards the edge, you can adjust the tone towards your desired sound. The volume is adjusted by how hard you blow into the call.

    Suggested calling intervals:

    Use both long and short sounds when calling for 15-25 seconds and repeat with 3-4 minute intervals.

    In very open terrain we recommend using shorter intervals.

    Remember – practice makes perfect!